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mouthguard is a preventive device for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums. We are creating a mouth protector with advanced technology that caters to all ages and a range of sports is our mission. Every Impact Dental Designs Mouthguard stands out in five key areas: strength, comfort, hygiene, remoldability and freedom.


Mouth guards eight times tougher and 30-50% stronger than conventional mouthpiece. What does this mean for you? You start each game with confidence knowing that no matter how hard you get hit, Impact Dental damaged-controlled mouthguards are there to protect you. The key is in the design. Made from a non-compressible, perforated material, our mouth protector will not cave under impact. Our modern technology distributes the impact over a larger area, which means less risk of dental injury during competition.


A mouthpiece shouldn’t be something you fear having to wear because it’s uncomfortable. In contrast to the large, chunky guards you’ve come to expect, that we made super slim mouthguards. They’re so small that you’ll forget you’re even wearing a mouthpiece!


We provides custom fit comfort that allows you to keep the mouthpiece in your mouth the entire game or practice. You don’t need to constantly detach the guard to talk, breathe or drink. This means fewer germs transfer from dirty, sweaty hands to your mouthpiece.


As your mouth adjusts over time, the Impact Dental mouthguard adjusts with you, maintaining the utmost comfort and protection. Beyond custom fitting, every mouthguard can remold to ensure the best fit before, during and after sports activities. Simply place your mouthguard in hot water, and it becomes soft, springy and ready to play.



The final key area of the Impact Dental Design Mouthguard that makes it stand out from others is freedom. Since our mouth guard is roughly half the thickness of conventional guards, you can talk, breath and drink easily.

This liberty, along with the other mouth guard benefits in our patented design, allows you to keep the focus on where it matters – on the next big win. Our laser focus remains on these five key areas as we transform into the New Year and the advancement of safety gear tech.

We want to remind you to always (ALWAYS) use a mouth guard, do not train if you do not have your own. This item is necessary and is essential to practice combat sports and since its cost is not that high you can purchase more than one and keep a spare part in your bag. Prevent injuries and always use one.