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Do mouthguards prevent concussion?


A concussion is defined as a brain injury caused by a blow to the head or a violent shaking of the head and body that results from trauma sustained to the head. The fact is clear for participants of contact sports; injuries that result in a concussion could potentially end their sporting career. Intercepting sports-related injuries is achieved when the proper mouthguard is used during play.

Many have favored that mouth guards can prevent some sport-related concussions as it helps in absorbing shock, thus stabilizing the neck and the head and minimize the movement that is generated by a direct hit to the jaw.

Study shows that high school football players who wear the sports mouthguards were twice as receptive to suffering mild traumatic injuries in comparison to those wearing properly fitted custom mouthguards.

Mouth guard materials have shock-absorbing qualities. They are flexible and soft enough to absorb the impact energy and reduce the transmitted forces. Forces from the mandibular impact can be diminished with a mouthguard, resulting in fewer injuries. Mouth protector gear is believed to reduce pressure changes and the bone deformation within the skull in the cadaver model.

Impact Dental Designs Mouthguard

Dr. Andrew Sarowitz a sports dentist and the founder of Impact Dental Mouthguard Designs says, since a custom mouth guard is designed to provide a perfect fit, and individual is more likely to wear it during contact sports, training, warm-up, workout too. Studies found a custom mouthguard is at least twice as effective in lesson concussions in comparison to a standard mouth guard. Athletes at all levels, from professional to high school, and represents multiple sports including male and female teams in football, hockey, basketball, as well as soccer and MMA, this is truly a breakthrough in concussion-lowering technology.


Impact Dental Mouth guard is the only medically patented mouthguard that places the athlete’s jaw in the optimum, physiologic position. This is why athletes experienced marked improvement in breathing, strength, balance, and performance in addition to the protection from concussive forces.

To prevent concussions and many other fatal head and dental injures, we emphasize that purchase this item and protect yourself.