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Got Teeth! Wear a mouth guard?

No matter what sport you play, Impact Dental Designs, recommend wearing a mouthguard. If you’ve got pearly whites and play a contact sport or one with the possibility of an impact through a fall or stroke, then the safest way to ensure teeth are protected is to wear custom-fitted mouthguards.

Effects of not wearing a mouthguard


Sports can be extremely fun for children, but they also put them at risk for injury. Did you know that you’re 60 times more likely to sustain damage to your teeth when not wearing a mouthguard? Teeth that have experienced any injury or repeated impacts are highly likely to suffer nerve damage and serious problems in later life.

Root canal treatments, extractions, implants and crowns are all high cost, painful and time-consuming dental treatments that no-one would choose to experience!

Custom made mouthguard

Custom made mouthguards are professionally fitted and crafted by a dentist and therefore address your specific dental needs. Custom mouthguards are made by first taking the mold of your teeth which is then sent to specialized laboratories. They are made out of hard durable plastic and are fitted for either the top or bottom row of teeth, depending on which is most comfortable. Impact Dental Designs offer custom mouth guards that are most affordable, high in quality, offer the best protection, comfort and that work best for you and for any sport so any mouthguard is better than no mouthguard!

When you know all the reasons, that mouthguards can rescue your teeth, it’s easy to see that they should be worn when playing sports, whether professional, for school, or just for fun. If you have any questions about mouthguards, please contact our friendly team and start protecting your smile!