Once the artwork is completed, you’ll be emailed a proof for you to approve. We can make any necessary changes to make sure that it matches your vision exactly!

There will be a series of questions to help us come up with a perfect design just for you. You’ll be able to select the sports your play, colors you like, as well as submit any logos, images, or text you’d like us to incorporate so that we can create your one-of-a-kind mouthguard!

While we’re working on your artwork, you’ll be sent a full welcome box which includes your at-home custom molding kit. The instructions are easy to follow, but we’re available if you’d like to set up a video call to make sure it comes out perfectly.

Once completed, you’ll send the molds back to us with the included pre-paid shipping label and packing materials. When it gets back to the lab we’ll get started on your custom piece.

The Completed guard will be mailed back to you with some instructions on how to make any necessary adjustments and make sure you have the best fit possible!

Customize My Guard