How it works

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Designed by Dentists and Professional Athletes, these are not your typical boil-and-bite mouthguards! At IDD, all of our guards are custom-fitted to your mouth. Every case is supervised by a dentist who takes your specific needs and unique anatomy into consideration.

We believe that no two athletes are alike and that is reflected in our mouth guards. We have specific designs to match your sport and maximize your level of protection.

Let us focus on protecting you from dental and orofacial injuries, so that you can focus solely on your performance.

Once you select your sport we'll customize your kit just for you. You'll receive your own at-home impression kit with easy to follow instructions on how to capture every detail of your dentition.

Send your impression back to us with the included pre-paid shipping materials and we'll get to work fabricating your guard with all of the customizations you've selected. Then you'll receive your own unique custom mouth guard design made just for you!


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