Mouth Guard Technology


The mouth guard has existed for every group, providing millions of athletes with increased mouth and jaw protection in all types of sports. There is a reason these mouthpiece remain a part of countless sports today, and it is because of their unbelievable convenience and utility. What makes Impact Dental Design distinctively different attention to details in all of our mouth guard? Every athlete, child, and senior deserves to take the Advantage of Impact Dental mouthguards. These details give Impact Dental Designs a step up in protecting your teeth.  The mouth guard has become yet another way for an athlete to look good, feel good and play good, something that will continue to drive the industry forward as they create more stylistic innovations.

More Protection

Our Impact Dental mouth guard is eight times tougher than other conventional mouth guard. But, how? It is made from our patented Impact Dental Technology. The small perforations in the mouth guard act near to trusses on a bridge, permitting the structure to flex when an impact occurs. The non-compressible material acts like a shield that diverts force rather than absorbs it. This way there is less impact on your pearly whites. 

Cushioning the teeth

Impact Dental Technology helps cushion the teeth by preventing them from direct impact. With a mouth guard, the force can be distributed evenly which can prevent your teeth from getting fractured and being broken completely. Thus, the primary reason why you should wear a mouth guard is that it cushions your teeth.

Smaller Guard


It was about time that mouth piece got a refresh. No one wants to really enjoy wearing a big material mouth guard. The impact dental mouth piece is at least 30 percent thinner than other mouth guards. With less material comes more comfort and usability. Use the Impact Dental Mouth Guard when you are drinking, talking or playing. 

What happens if you get our mouth guard, and two months later you get braces? No worries. Our mouth piece can be remolded as your teeth shift. We want to make sure that every part of your teeth is protected.  

Bonus! You can remold our Impact Dental mouth guard up to 20 times! Just drop it in a bowl of hot water and watch magic happen. 

Every detail matters to us at mouth guard technologies, and every detail should matter to you too. When you get an impact dental mouth guard you can rest assured that we paid close attention to the details. If you chip or break a tooth while wearing an Impact Dental mouth guard, we will cover the out of pocket expenses to fix it. 

Putting your teeth on your line by not buying mouthpieces is simply one of the worst decisions you can make as an athlete. The price you pay for a mouth piece is not even a fraction of what you’ll need to pay to your dentist when your teeth get shattered. Thus, wear a mouthpiece, that’s an obvious conclusion. You can decide whether you want to go for a simple or custom mouth guard, but you must wear a mouthpiece at all cost.