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Tips For Keeping Your Mouthguard Clean

Mouthguards are made and worn to protect you and care for your teeth and mouth, and they do a fantastic job of it. Without the proper care your mouth guard can become, dirty or damaged and it’s expensive to change or replace. It’s actually very important that you spend a little time caring for your mouthguard to keep it in perfect condition as well.



Impact Dental Designs educate customers that how to keep the mouthguard clean and healthy, and also keep it effective for the maximum period of time. Here are a few healthy tips to must keep in your mind.

Antibacterial Cleaning

Rinisng a mouthgurad is not enough, this might be okay from time to time, but you’re risking major bacteria buildup if you don’t regularly use an antibacterial agent here as well. You’ll thank yourself after six months, when your teammates all have to buy new mouthpiece because theirs are so gunk-filled but yours is still fresh and clean.

Clean Mouthguard Case

You may be cleaning your mouth guard correctly but what about its case? The mouthguardpiece spends more time in the case than it ever does in your mouth, so if the case is full of germs, it will have lots of time to transfer these onto the mouthguard. Clean your case using a non-whitening toothpaste or mild soap. There are many products and are easily available for this kind of cleaning.

Replace Mouthguard when needed

Some sports players bond with their long-serving athletic gear. They develop a soft spot for certain items they have used for a quite some time. However, even by doing with every cleaning precaution we’ve listed here, your mouthguard will slowly reach a place where it’s so dirty and worn down that it needs replacement. Don’t hesitate to replace your mouthguard if it causes you discomfort, if it cutsinto your gums or cheeks, when it no longer fits properly, or at the beginning of a new sports season.

For more on cleaning your mouthguard, or if you want to order for specific sportfrom any of our custom mouthguard products, Contact at Impact Dental Designs today.